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100 Best Restaurants 2011: Etete

Ethiopian cooking is home cooking—to look for finery is to miss the point. But this two-story cafe is more exacting than any in the area, making it an excellent entry point for those new to wats and tibs as well as a rewarding stop for diners eager to experience the depth of the cuisine at its best...more

:: CNN- Marketplace Africa
Inside Washington D.C.'s 'Little Ethiopia'

:: NPR- Kojo Nnamdi Show 
(Local Restaurant World Tour: Ethiopian Cuisine)

"The best Ethiopian Cusine in Washington DC" Todd Kliman, Food and Wine Editor and Restaurant Critic, Washingtonian Magazine
Listen to Kojo Nnadi program about Etete here

100 Best Restaurants 2009: Etete

Among local Ethiopians, the name Tiwaltengus Shenegelgn is on par with the name Michel Richard among foodies. Stevie Wonder seeks her out whenever he’s in town. What’s the fuss? Etete, as Shenegelgn is known—it means “mama” in Amharic—cooks with the finesse of a demanding craftswoman, her peppery stews hearty and complex but never burdensome....more

:: The Washington Post

One of the best is Etete, named for chef-owner "Mama" (etete in Amharic) Tiwaltenigus Shenegeleg, a longtime neighborhood caterer who passes through the dining room as a comforting presence, checking on meals and the health of families and regulars. ...more

:: Washingtonian.com

Etete:The name means "mama," and what passes through the doors of Tiwaltengus Shenegelgn's kitchen is the sort of home-style cooking that is rare these days ...more

:: Washington City Paper

...I've been to other Ethiopian food restaurants in the district but keep returning to Etete. I can't vouch for how authentic the food is, but I can attest that it is consistently delicious and fresh tasting ...more

:: Life in the District

The food among the best I’ve had so far. I tend to go for the spicy beef dishes, such as yesega wat, but my dinner companions for this evening all partook of the vegetarian entrees – none had any complaint. ...more

:: City Voter

The atmosphere, the owner, and the waiters welcome everybody that steps into Etete’s place. We specialize in Ethiopian soul food: above all in Ethiopian authentic delicacies.. ...more

:: Ethiopian Restaurant

Named for the chef, Etete Tesfaye and owned by her son Yared, the restaurant's decor is a departure from most of the other Ethiopian restaurants in Washington, featuring a sleek interior and plasma screen TVs... ...more

:: Etete Restaurant Review/RealEthiopia

Known forCome to Washington DC, one of the most diverse places in the world. In the Center of this melting pot phenomenon, you will find a family owned restaurant called Etete Ethiopian Cuisine. ...more

:: Reviews

Etete also is the most affordable non-diner Ethiopian restaurant that I know. Not only are its prices very reasonable, but its portions are "American" style. You get twice as much food at Etete as you typically do elsewhere. At Etete, you eat the food with the injera bread, not vice versa . . . at other places, you fill up because of the heaviness of the injera. ...more

:: AOL Local, City's Best

In an unassuming storefront on 9th St, the new Little Ethiopia, Etete is a welcoming, refined restaurant for those willing to try the East African cuisine. With small tables in a narrow space, it's best for couples or two friends who don't mind sharing the same plate, which for anyone who's familiar with Ethiopian food is a key part of the cozy, intimate experience. You and your companion will pass back and forth a basket of the spongey injera bread and use it to scoop up bites of the fragrant and spicy dishes like Yebeg Wat (bebere-spiced lamb), Yemisir Wat (savory red lentils) or the Ethiopian form of steak tartare served with subtle, crumbly cheese, Kifto. As you can expect from a mom-and-pop place, the service can be a little slow but that gives you time to savor the little piles of food spread out on your tray. ...more

:: User Reviews and Ratings/Menupix

One of the newer Ethiopian restaurants off of the east end of U Street. Has cozy, modern and clean seating and very good food. I highly recommend it. ...more

:: DC Gastronome

...I love Etete so we popped in to what was quite a bustling evening for the restaurant. There was a table of about 20 or so folks celebrating some sort of occasion, but were lucky and got the last available table right away. Etete actually has a cute albeit small wine list and we each ordered a glass of Pinot Noir. Perfect - light and fruity. We ordered one of the veggie platters (a must do when eating Ethiopian) which comes with Yemisir Wat (slit red lintel cooked in Ethiopian red pepper sauce, meten shiro, oil, onion sauteed together), Yeataklit Wat (fresh green, carrot, potato, green pepper and onion sauteed with garlic, ginger and tomato), Yekik Alicha (a dip of delicately spiced cooked legumes), Gomen ...more